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God is for You

Bible Text:

Romans 8:31

Materials You Need:

A large number "4" and letter "U" drawn on a rectangle of cardboard.

Age Group:

Grades 4 - 8 (10 to 14 years).


God is for us and not against us.


God is on your side!


Many years ago, if you came to a castle, the guard would challenge you: "Are you for us or against us?"  Beware if you answered: "Against you!"  At once the knights would come pouring out to fight you to the finish!

We know that the devil is against us - he wants only to steel, rob and kill us.  But God is much more powerful and Jesus defeated the devil on the Cross.  In 1 John 4:4, the Bible tells us that:

"Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world."

God never Forgets Us:

We may forget to thank God for His protection, care and love for us, or even forget about God at times!  But God never sleeps and He is always watching over His children.  Listen to what Isaiah 49:15-16 says about God:

"I will not forget you - see, I have written your name on My hand."

God Watches over Us:

What a precious God we serve!  How often have you seen someone write a name or telephone number on their hand so they won't forget it?  It's to remind them to phone that person.  Or, perhaps remind them to do something they promised to do for that person.  God never forgets us.  Every time God opens His hand, there is your name and mine!   Never forget this and remember that in Romans 8:31 Paul reminds us:

"If God is for you, who can be against you?."

Is God on Your Side?

Is God really for us and not against us?  What about when we let Him down or do something wrong?  Notice that Paul did not say:

"Maybe God is for us."
"Perhaps, God was for us."
"Do you think, God could be for us?"

God is Good:

Well, what did he say?  Paul said and he really meant it:

But our God is on your side and is not against you!

This is true and so we can be sure that God will forgive us when we do wrong and help us when we let Him down.  Writing our names on His hands means that God is committed to help us get to Heaven.  And what is God prepared to do for you?

  1.  To encourage you.
  2.  To cheer you on.
  3.  To help you.
  4.  To carry you.
( Display the "4U" card and then say: )

F aithful - God who keeps us as the apple of His eye!

O ffered - as an umblemished Lamb to save us!

U nchanging - Saviour and our Best Friend!

R eigning - as King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

Guiding each faithful child....

U nconquered - on the road to Heaven!

Are you letting God be "For You"?  Yes, He's right there with you.  God's just waiting for you to call on Him and ask Jesus to be your Best Friend.

He's 4U

God bless!


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