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Faithful Caleb

Bible Text:

Numbers 13:17 to 14:9,  the story of the twelve spies
and the promised land.

Materials You Need:

A brand new and unused pencil.
A very short used pencil.
An Award Rosette, ribbon or cup.

Age Group:

Grades 1 - 5 (7 to 11 years).


Joshua and Caleb's faithfulness.
If we serve God faithfully, He will reward us.


My wonderful pencils ...

Here's a Spy Story to share with Friends:

Which of these two pencils do you think should be the prize- winner and receive a prize Rosette?

"The New One?"

I'm sure you thought it could only be "The New One"!  Now, let's use these pencils to remind us of Caleb in the Bible.  He was Joshua's friend.   One day Moses called for a volunteer from each of the tribes of Israel.  "All right Men", he said, "Listen to me carefully.  I want you to go secretly into the Promised Land (Palestine) and spy out the land to see if it's safe for us to go in and live there."

When they came back, Caleb and Joshua excitedly told all the people: "It's a land flowing with milk and with honey.  Just look at these grapes.  Why, it took two of us to just to carry this bunch!  Let's go in at once and possess it, for we can easily overcome it!"

However, the other tens spies were filled with fear.  "Don't go in," they cried, "The people are like giants and we were like grasshoppers in their sight!"

It was a such pity all the people listened to these men instead of Caleb and Joshua.  Because of this, God had to punish the children of Israel by making them wander in the desert for forty long years.  When Israel eventually entered the Promised Land, God rewarded Caleb for his faithfulness by allowing him the privilege of choosing the part of the land that he wanted.

"I wonder what part you would have chosen?"

Well, Caleb chose a mountain rather than a fertile valley.  It was more difficult to conquer the enemies there, but Caleb was brave and trusted God!  And God gave him the victory!

Now, going back to our pencils, perhaps you thought that the long one should be the one to get the prize?  But, prizes are only won for doing something good or difficult.  This long pencil is brand new, andit's never done anything useful!

I think we must give the prize to the short pencil.  Why?  Because it was used a great deal by it's owner and faithfully wrote all he wanted it to.  So, let's tie the Award Rosette to it.

"Well done, Little One!"

And what about you?  Are you brave and faithful like Caleb?  Do you serve and please Jesus every day?  If you do, then one day in Heaven, Jesus will reward you with a crown of righteousness and say, "Well done, you good and faithful servant!"

God bless.

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