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Enjoying a Bible story

When you want to impart important information to a child, it is often best related in a story, because it is more easily understood and enjoyed.   Telling children stories from God's Word is crucial because the Bible's truths will shape their character and show the consequences of their actions.

Faith will grow and help children see how God has worked in the lives of His followers throughout history.  Bible stories also show how God is intimately involved with children in every aspect of their lives.



  1.  God's Creation - We can praise God for His wonderful world

  2.  Adam and Eve - We must ask God's forgiveness when we break His rules

  3.  Cain and Abel - Jealousy leads to bad feelings of anger and bitterness

  4.  Noah's Ark - God loves, cares for and protects all His children

  5.  The Tower of Babel - We must not be too proud to ask God for help

  6.  God Calls Abraham - We will be a friend of God if we trust and believe Him

  7.  Abraham and Lot - If we ask God, He will help us make good choices

  8.  Abraham and Sarah - God can do miracles for us, for nothing is too hard for Him

  9.  God Tests Abraham - God wants us to obey Him, so that He can bless us

  10.  A Bride for Isaac - God wants to guide us and use us in a special way

  11.  Jacob and Esau - Jacob loved God and received the promises made to Abraham

  12.  Joseph's Dreams - Jealousy always causes trouble and leads to anger and hate

  13.  Joseph in Prison - God used Joseph to interpret Pharoah's dreams

  14.  Joseph becomes Ruler - God helped Joseph provide food for his family

  15.  Birth of Moses - God wants to use us some day in a special way

  16.  Moses and the Burning Bush - We can't do anything for God unless He helps us

  17.  The Ten Plagues - God knows us and has a plan for our lives

  18.  The Passover - God saved the people of Israel, just like Jesus saves us

  19.  Crossing the Red Sea - God protects us, hears our prayers and meets our needs

  20.  The Ten Commandments - Of how to treat God and other people

  21.  The Walls of Jericho - Nothing is impossible or too difficult for God to do

  22.  Gideon's Army - When we think how big God is, our fears melt away

  23.  Samson and Delilah - He lost his life by making wrong choices

  24.  God Speaks to Samuel - Like Samuel, God wants us to serve Him faithfully

  25.  David the Good King - God wants us to obey, love and trust Him

  26.  Solomon the Wise King - If we let God teach us, we will also be wise

  27.  God Feeds Elijah - God always keeps His word and we can trust Him

  28.  Elijah on the Mountain - With God anything is possible!

  29.  Naaman the Leper - God has the power to heal us from all kinds of diseases

  30.  Queen Esther of Persia - We need to be saved from bad things we do

  31.  The Fiery Furnace - We need Jesus help us to stand up for what's right

  32.  Found Wanting! - Unlike Belshazzar, God's children will always please Him

  33.  Daniel in the Lion's Den - We are safe because Jesus is always near us

  34.  Jonah and a Great Fish - We pray for kids who have never heard of Jesus



  1.  Prophecies about Jesus - What the Old Testament foretells about Jesus

  2.  Zechariah didn't Believe - It's wise to listen and obey what God says

  3.  An Angel Visits Mary - Mary listened to God and believed!

  4.  The Birth of Jesus - He was born to save His people from their sins

  5.  Jesus Presented to God - We also need to present ourselves to God

  6.  Jesus and the Teachers - He grew in favour with God and so should we

  7.  The Baptism of Jesus - Do we obey God like He did?

  8.  The Temptation of Jesus - We can overcome temptation by using God's Word

  9.  Fishers of Men - Tell friends about Jesus and be a "Fisher of Men"

  10.  The Miracles of Jesus - Jesus is never too far away to hear our needs

  11.  Feeding Five Thousand - Jesus can still do miracles in our lives

  12.  Tea for Zacchaeus - Jesus is never too busy to spend time with us

  13.  The Rich Young Ruler - Jesus loved him, but he loved his riches too much

  14.  Jesus Dies for Us - Jesus died so that we can live in Heaven for ever

  15.  Fishing and Forgiving - Jesus forgives us when we do wrong



  1.  The House on the Rock - We need to build our lives on Jesus

  2.  The Rich Man and Lazarus - Jesus bridges the gulf of sin between us and God

  3.  A Sower went out to Sow - Jesus wants us grow like strong healthy plants

  4.  The Wheat and Tares - You need Jesus as Saviour, so don't be lost forever!

  5.  The Pearl of Great Price - A place in God's kingdom is worth all we have

  6.  The Lost Sheep - God wants sinners to be saved and have their sins forgiven

  7.  The Lost Coin - God loves everyone and wants to forgive their sins.

  8.  The Good Samaritan - We need to be kind and care for others

  9.  The Prodigal Son - God wants the lost to return to Him and be saved

  10.  Workers in the Vineyard - One said "Yes" but lied and one said "No" but obeyed

  11.  The Talents - God wants children to use their talents for His work

  12.  The Wise and Foolish Bridesmaids - Children need to be ready for Jesus' return

  13.  A Little Yeast (Leaven) - A little sin affects your whole life

  14.  Pharisee and Tax Collector - We need to be humble when praying to God.



  1.  King - Four Times! - God is our Lord and wants to be King of our lives

  2.  Isn't Life A-Maze-ing? - Know Jesus personally as your Guide

  3.  A Kid's Portion - Our Spiritual food is daily reading our Bibles and praying

  4.  Jesus Always Sees Me - Jesus guides and protects His children

  5.  Life in Bible Times - People's clothes, work and homelife

  6.  Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed - If we have faith God will answer our prayers



Bible Story Lessons for Younger Children


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