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Tea for Zacchaeus

Zacchaeus, you come down!


If we spend time with Jesus, we will develop a close relationship with Him.

Bible Text:

Luke 19:1-10.


I'm Rich, You're Poor!

Zacchaeus was a tax collector who loved collecting money from people.   He was supposed to give all the money to the king, but he was a wicked person and a cheat, and always kept some for himself.  As a result, he got very rich and this made the people very unhappy and they hated Zacchaeus as a result.

Would you also be upset if someone took your pocket money every month and kept it for themselves? (Let the children respond).

The Teacher's Coming!

One day Jesus came to the town where Zacchaeus lived.  Everyone was excited and all went out to meet Him on the road where Jesus would pass by.  They all were anxious to see and hear this famous prophet and teacher.  Would you run and grab a flag to wave if you heard that the president was going to pass by your house? (Let the children respond).

Well, Zacchaeus also heard that Jesus was coming, and so he importantly followed the crowd as they streamed past his house.  As usual people probably sneered at him and children stuck their tongues out and yelled, "Thief, Thief, Tax Thief!"  Would you have shouted this?  Why don't you try it, "Thief, Thief, Tax Thief!  (Let the children shout!).

But Zacchaeus paid no attention to their insults, because he was keen to see this Jesus he had heard so much about!

Too Short!

Zacchaeus came to the road where Jesus was going to pass and looked around for a good place to stand.  There were people everywhere!  To his dismay he found himself at the back of the crowd.  He could not see!  He was too short!  He tried to push his way to the front, but a big man growled at him, "None of that little man, we got here first!"   He tried jumping up and down, but that was no good.  He still could see nothing!

The people started to cheer and in desperation Zacchaeus ran up and down the street, trying to find an opening where he could see.  The cheering was coming closer and closer.  He was going to miss out!  What could he do, because everybody was standing in front of him, and no one would let him through to the front of the crowd.

A Fine Tree!

Just then Zacchaeus saw a tall tree nearby.  "Ha!" he thought, "This will do the trick!"  He ran and climbed up to a high branch where he could see over all the people.  He went so fast that the people below him thought he was a monkey.  Can you climb trees like that? (Let the children respond).

It was a perfect place to watch for the Teacher!  Zacchaeus saw Jesus coming and could see that He would pass by right underneath his tree!   "I have the best spot to see Him," he chuckled, "Not like those silly people below me!"  When Jesus came up to the tree, He stopped and looked up at Zacchaeus.

"Come on down, Zacchaeus," called Jesus, "I want to come to your house and spend some time with you."  Zacchaeus was astonished.  He pointed to himself and asked, "Who me?  You can't mean me Lord?"  But yes, Jesus did mean him, and He stood there smiling and waiting for Zacchaeus to climb down the tree.

I'm Coming to Tea!

Zacchaeus slithered down the tree as fast as he could, scattering leaves and branches all over the people below him.  "Hey, what do you think you're doing?" shouted one.  "Watch out, little man, that branch nearly knocked me down!" yelled another.  But Zacchaeus never heard them.  Just to think of it, the Master was coming to his house, and today of all days!   This was far better than he had ever imagined!

Come on Zacchaeus," said Jesus, "I want to have some tea with you."  All the people were shocked and asked, "How can Jesus go to the house of such a big sinner?"  Zacchaeus was also surprised as he looked around at the people who were staring at him.  But he quickly gathered his wits and led Jesus to his house.

Jesus Really Cares!

That day Zacchaeus gave his life to Jesus.  "Look, Lord", he said, "I'm going to give half my possessions to the poor.  And if I have cheated anybody, I will repay him four times more than what I took from him."   Jesus was very pleased because He knew Zacchaeus really meant what he said.

Jesus went out of His way to meet with Zacchaeus.  You would have thought that Jesus would have just spoken to Zacchaeus while he was in the tree, and then moved on.  But not our wonderful Lord, He chose to go out of His way so that Zacchaeus could give his life to God.  And then He was prepared to spend time in talking to him in his own house.

Spending Time with Jesus:

We too can invite people into our homes or we can go and visit them at their houses.  If we spend time getting to know people, it will help us develop a close relationship with them.  Jesus is never too busy to spend quality time with each one of us.

In fact if you think about it, Jesus went out of His way to find us, pay the price for our sins, and to draw us to God.  And then He saved us and if we keep on serving Him, He will guide and protect us for the rest of our lives!

Jesus wants us to spend time with Him as well.  That way we will develop our friendship with Him and get to know Him as our Best Friend and Lord.  And then, who knows what God can do through us?  He can help us reach out to many people and help them get to know Jesus, just as Zacchaeus got to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

Let Jesus come into your house today - He wants to!

God bless.


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