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Daniel in the Lion's Den

God shut the lion's mouths


We are safe because Jesus loves us and is always near us.

Bible Text:

Daniel chapter 6.


God Blesses Daniel:

Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon had come to Jerusalem to fight a battle against the Jews.  After winning the war, he commanded that a few of the captured young men from Judah should come and live and study in his palace.  Of all those chosen, the smartest were Daniel and his friends, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.

And of the four, Daniel was the best.  Daniel proved so wise that king Nebuchadnezzar made him a governor in his kingdom.  Daniel was the only person able to interpret the king's dreams, and because of this he gained the respect of the king.

The Wicked Law:

After Nebuchadnezzar died, his son Belshazzar became king, but he was struck down in war by king Darius the Mede.  Darius admired and respected Daniel, and kept him in his post as a governor.  But jealous government officials told king Darius that Daniel worshipped his own God and did not obey the laws of the Medes.

They tricked the king into making a law, which said that any man who worshipped any god or man other than the king, would be thrown into a den of lions.  The officials rubbed their hands with glee - they had got him!  Once the king had signed the law, it could not be be changed - so lookout Daniel, your end is coming!

How would you feel if a law was made saying that if you went to Sunday School, you would be thrown into a den of lions?  What would you do? (Let the children respond).

What did Daniel do?  He continued to pray three times a day in front of his window.  And guess who saw him?  (Let the children respond).  Yes, those jealous goverment officials!  And off they rushed to report Daniel to the king!

Daniel is Saved:

Because he could not change this law even to save his friend Daniel, king Darius sadly had to agree to throw Daniel into the den of lions.  And so the guards grabbed Daniel and lowered him into the lion's den and the door was closed and sealed.  All you could hear was hungry lions growling and snarling!

All that night the king prayed for Daniel.  When morning came, he ran to the den of lions to see what had happened to Daniel.   "Daniel, has your God been able to save you?" he called.  The king's joy was great when he discovered Daniel alive and well.   Daniel told the king how the Lord had sent an angel to protect him, by shutting the mouths of the lions so they could not harm him.

Daniel is Freed:

Darius was very happy and had Daniel released from the den.  He then wrote out an order that all the people of Babylon should fear and tremble before the powerful God of Daniel.

And those wicked rulers?  They were thrown into the den and the lions crunched their bones before they even hit the floor!  But Daniel lived on as a wise governor for the king, and continued to worship his God in peace and happiness.

Jesus Keeps Us Safe:

And we are glad that we can go to Sunday School and sing praises to God.  We are safe because Jesus loves us and said He would always be near us.  Let's say thank-you to Jesus for His love and kindness to each one of us.

God bless!


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