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The Tower of Babel

Let's build it up to Heaven!


We need to trust and depend on God, and always ask Him for help.

Bible Text:

Genesis Chapters 10 and 11


King Nimrod?

After the flood there were only eight people left in the whole world, Noah and his wife, his three sons and their wives.  Soon, children were born into these families.  One of Noah's sons was called Ham, and one of his children was called Cush, and Cush eventually had a boy called Nimrod.

Noah was the great-grandfather of Nimrod, who became a very expert hunter.  Many people thought Nimrod was a wonderful person because he was so brave and could hunt wild animals.  And so they thought it would be good if he was their king and ruled over them.

Building the Tower:

In those days long ago, all the people spoke the same language and could easily understand one another.  They decided to work together and build a big city and also a great tower.  They planned to build that tower so high into the sky that it would reach to Heaven.

They told each other that this would make them a great name for themselves!  In their pride, the people thought the high tower would keep them all together and that none would get lost.

They wanted the tower to be very strong, so they learned how to make bricks, and cemented these bricks together with tar.  Their building method was probably very similar to the way we cement bricks together today to build our houses.

I Can't Understand You!

But God was not pleased to see the people building such a big tower.   He did not want all the people to stay in one place where they could plan to do what ever they liked, as this would make them very proud, and God hates pride.  God plan was for them to live and inhabit other various parts of the world.  And so you know what God did?  God made them all speak in different kinds of languages!

Instead of speaking one language and making plans to build that tower higher and higher, they just couldn't understand one another at all!  Do you speak and understand another language besides than English? (Let the children respond).  Well, the people got fed up trying to understand each other and so they started to move away!

A few stayed where they were and some went in one direction, and many in another.  Probably a few could understand each other, and these went away as a group, while another group who spoke a different language went away in another direction.

Filled with Pride:

And that's why there are so many languages in the world today.  And it all started because people were proud and wanted to be better than anyone else!

Pride is when you think you are better than someone else.  God hates pride and when we think we are better than others, we start to think that we don't need God, and that we can do things better on our own!

We Need God:

But, we always need God, and He wants us to trust and depend on Him, and always ask Him for help.  If you think that you know it all, then you are going your own way, and you are turning away from God.  What about when you disobeyed your parents or weren't nice to someone?  At that moment you were only thinking about yourself and didn't care how the other person felt.  And that is pride.

Let's ask God for His help so that we will be kind to other people and do the right things.  We will then please God, and please our parents, and please other people, and please our friends!

And that will be good, won't it?

God bless!


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