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Queen Esther of Persia

Queen of a foreign country


Jesus saves us from our sins and gives us eternal life.

Bible Text:

Esther chapters 1 to 10.


The Great Feast:

One day, King Ahasuerus of Persia gave a great feast, and after eating and drinking for several days he commanded his wife, Queen Vashti, to appear before him.  But, Queen Vashti refused to come before the king and this made him very angry.  If a king wanted to see you, would you obey him?  (Let the children respond).

The king was so upset that he decided to get rid of Queen Vashti and find a new queen.  And so the king started to look for a suitable lady.

At that time there lived in Persia a Jew named Mordecai, who had been taken captive from Jerusalem with many other Jews brought to live in Persia.  Mordecai had adopted his young cousin Esther and was caring for her as his daughter.  Esther was one of the women chosen to go before the king, for she was lovely and gentle.

Esther chosen as Queen:

When King Ahasuerus saw Esther, he was very impressed so he chose her to be his queen.  But he did not know that she was a Jewess.   So Esther went to live in the palace while her uncle Mordecai kept watch outside the palace gates, to make sure that she was well looked after and was safe.

One day while he was sitting at the gates, Mordecai overheard some men plotting to kill the king.  Mordecai then told Esther of this plot and she went and told the king and so saved the king's life.  For this, the king loved Esther even more.

Haman's Evil Plot:

King Ahasuerus had made a man named Haman to be his second-in-command over all the kingdom of Persia, but he didn't know that Haman was a wicked man.  Is it good for wicked men to rule over our country?  (Let the children respond).  No!  We must pray for the government and leaders and ask God to bless them and help them to rule over us in a way that pleases God.

What did Haman do?  He so frightened all the people that they had to bow down to him.  And what about Mordecai?  He was a brave man and refused to bow down to this wicked person!

This so angered Haman that he made a plan to kill Mordecai and all the Jewish people.  He went to the king and told him that there were people living in the Persian kingdom who did not keep the king's laws.  By lying to the king, he received permission to kill all the Jews!

And so he sent an order to all the governors throughout the country, that all the Jews were to be killed on the thirteenth day of the twelfth month!

Can we tell lies if we can get away with it?  (Let the children respond).  No!  God wants us to be always truthful and never to tell lies, even if telling the truth will get us into trouble.

Esther Reveals the Plot:

Haman was one happy man.  Now that troublesome Mordecai was finished!  Was he?  No, when Mordecai learned of Haman's terrible plan, he sent a message to Queen Esther begging her to ask the king to stop this wicked order.  Esther, though fearing for her life, prayed for three days, and then went to King Ahasuerus and asked him to come to a dinner she wished to give for him and Haman.

The next day Esther gave a second dinner for the King and Haman.   During the dinner, the king said to her, "What is your request, Queen Esther? It will be granted to you even to half of my kingdom!"

Queen Esther replied, "If I have found favour in your sight, please save my life and that of my people."  The king was shocked and exclaimed, "Who is he that would destroy you?"  Esther answered, "This wicked man Haman!"

The People are Saved:

The king was furious and ordered Haman be hanged.  And so they hanged Haman on the very gallows he had prepared to kill Mordecai the Jew.  And then the king sent for Mordecai and gave him Haman's job as the king's second-in-command over all the kingdom of Persia.  And the king made a law cancelling Haman's evil order.

And where there had been mourning and weeping in the land, there was now great joy and celebrations, for Mordecai and Queen Esther had saved the lives of all the Jews in Persia.  And Esther urged the Jews to keep two days every year to celebrate their being saved from being killed, and it is still celebrated today as the Festival of Purim.

Jesus Saves Us:

We celebrate Easter each year as the time when Jesus died and then rose to life again.  He died to pay the price for all the wrong things we have done, and if we ask Him to live in our hearts, He will give us everlasting life in Heaven.

Queen Ester saved the Jewish people from destruction just as Jesus saves us from our sins and gives us eternal life.  Can you imagine what joy and singing there will be in Heaven when we get there?

God bless!


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