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Moses and the Bulrushes

Pharoah's daughter finds Moses


God has a plan for each of His children, and wants to use them some day in a special way.

Bible Text:

Exodus chapter 1 and 2:1-10.


Drown all Baby Boys!

Long ago there was a very wicked Pharaoh in Egypt who hated God's people, the Israelites, so he forced them to be slaves.  He made their lives as hard as he could, by making them work in the fields and in building cities.  One day he decided to get rid of all their baby boys and so he made a rule that all the boy babies born to God's people had to be killed.  They were to be thrown in the Nile river and only the baby girls would be allowed to live.

What would you do if someone wanted to throw your baby brother in a river?  (Let the children respond).  I'm sure it made the Princess very sad because she was a very kind person.  But, one mother was clever and hid her baby boy for three months after he was born.  When she could hide him no longer, she was anxious to save him.  Pharoah's soldiers would come searching for babies and the mother knew they would find him because all babies cry, don't they?

A Special Baby:

She knew her baby was very special and had to be saved some how.   After much thought, she decided to weave a basket of bulrushes, and make it waterproof by coating the outside with mud and tar.  She then put the baby in it and placed the basket in the bulrushes at the Nile river's edge.  She had done her best for her baby and with a prayer for his safety, she left him there.  His sister kept watch as to what would happen to him.  Would her baby be saved?

After all, there were many huge crocodiles in the river that could eat him or perhaps the basket would sink and drown poor Moses.  Well, what do you think happened?  (Let the children respond).  No, he was not eaten by a hungry crocodile, and nor did he sink into the water and drown!

A Good Child:

God guarded Moses and one day Pharaoh's daughter came down to the river's edge to bathe.  As she and her maidservants wandered along the bank she saw the basket with the baby in it.  She sent one of her maids to fetch the basket.  When she saw that he was a good child, she took pity on him.  "This is one of the Israelite's children," she said.

Just then the baby's sister came along.  "Shall I go and fetch a nurse from the Israelite people to nurse the child for you?" she asked.   "Yes go!" replied Pharoah's daughter.  And so she went and fetched the baby's mother to care for the baby.  "Take the child and nurse him for me," ordered Pharoah's daughter, "And I will pay you wages."  She did so and when he was a toddler she brought him to the palace and adopted him as her own son.  She named him Moses, because she said, "I drew him out of the waters.

Special Children:

God will also keep you and guard you, just as He kept Moses safe from Pharaoh's soldiers who went from house to house killing off all the baby boys.  Remember we also need to pray every day and ask Jesus to keep us safe from all harm, danger and evil.  And God will keep us safe, just as He kept Moses safe from all those hungry crocodiles!

And that little baby boy grew up to be Moses, the mighty leader of God's people and who helped them escape from Egypt.  Just by being kind to a little baby, the princess played an important part in God's plan for Israel.

God has a plan for your life too, and someday He will use you in a special way, just as He used the kind princess.

God bless!


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