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Kid's Games and Competitions

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Let's have fun!

Games and competitions are more than just fun as they teach positive values and can enhance and reinforce the Bible stories, spiritual truths and concepts you teach to children.  Bible games help make your class interesting and exciting.

Children who avoid participating in class will love to get involved an exciting game or competition.  Bible games can be used with just about any size group of children.  As children are not aware of the direct learning values, they will participate enthusiastically because they enjoy the game.

  1.  Scavenger Hunt - An ice-breaker and team-building game

  2.  Bible Treasure Hunt - A Bible drill and team-building game

  3.  Walk the Plank - A challenging plank walking relay contest

  4.  Brain Teasers - Match puzzles to solve

  5.  Surface Tension Competition - Like water drops, God's love fills our hearts

  6.  Balancing Nails Contest - Pleasing God in our daily lives

  7.  The Missing Piece Competition - Finding lost children for God's Kingdom

  8.  Bible Soccer - A game you can make and play with friends

  9.  Gobble a Frog - Another game to make and play with friends

  10.  Huddle! - A fun game to divide kids into teams

  11.  Untying a Human Knot - A knotty team-bonding game

  12.  Minefield - an exciting but "deadly" team-building game

  13.  Drip-Drop Competition - A goofy and wet relay for summer!

  14.  Bottoms Up Relay - Another goofy and wet relay!

  15.  Spider Web - A game to show each child is essential

  16.  Blindmen's Bluff - A blind-folded team contest

  17.  Toilet Roll Relay - Beware if you break it relay!

  18.  Balloon Hand-ball - A game for getting rid of excess energy!

  19.  Blindfold Race - A race with lots of fun and chaos!

  20.  Freeze and Forgive! - An energetic game to teach forgiveness


  22.  Games for Little People
  23. - Various games for younger children

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