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Team "B" Bible Quiz Questions

  1.  Who wrote the book of Psalms?  (David)
  2.  In which book is a serpent mentioned?  (Genesis)
  3.  How old was Noah when the Flood came?  (Six Hundred)
  4.  How old was Methuselah when he died?  (Nine hundred and sixty nine)
  5.  How many of each kind of animals went into the Ark?  (Seven)
  6.  What book tells about the crossing of the Red Sea?  (Exodus)
  7.  How many sons did Noah have?  (Three)
  8.  Hw many days did it rain during the Great Flood?  (Forty)
  9.  During which day did God create man?  (The sixth)
  10.  What day did God rest on?  (The Seventh)
  11.  How many years did the Israelites wander in the desert?  (Forty)
  12.  How many plagues did God bring on the Egyptians?  (Ten)
  13.  Where was Moses hidden in a basket?  (Nile River)
  14.  Which king wrote a book?  (David - Psalms)
  15.  Where did Abraham start his journey to the Promised Land?  (Ur)
  16.  What is the last book of the Old Testament?  (Malachi)
  17.  Where do we find the story of the Fiery Furnace?  (Daniel)
  18.  How many men did the king see walking around in the fiery furnace? (Four)
  19.  Where was the Temple built?  (In Jerusalem)
  20.  Who said, "Here am I, send me"?  (Isaiah - Isaiah 6:8)
  21.  What book is a collection of Love Songs?  (Song of Solomon)
  22.  Who had twelve sons?  (Jacob)
  23.  Who became Israel's leader when Moses died?  (Joshua)
  24.  Who said, "The Lord is my Shepherd"?  (David - Psalm 23:1)
  25.  How many times did Naaman dip in the River Jordan?  (Seven)
  26.  How many people were saved in the Ark?  (Eight)
  27.  Who was Jacob's twin brother?  (Esau)
  28.  What did Jacob give his favourite son?  (Joseph's coat of many colours)
  29.  What birds brought food to Elijah?  (Ravens)
  30.  What was the secret of Samson's strength?  (His uncut long hair)