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Blindfold Race

Can anyone see where we're going?


A leadership and team bonding race where blindfolded teams have to "run" through a course directed by their team leaders.

Materials Needed:

Enough blind-folds for all teams.
Two long lengths of rope and four tent pegs.
A number of small prizes.


Set out a fifty metre course and peg ropes to mark the start and finish lines.

Age Group:

Grades 3 - 6 (9 to 12 years).


The Race:

Teams of six or more people are chosen and all but one person are blindfolded.  At least five blind-folded teams are lined up at the starting line and each team must form a tight group by holding onto each other.  The remaining sighted team leaders are positioned directly opposite their team at the finish line.  On the "Go" each team must race to the finish line guided by shouted directions from their team leader.

Please note: To be successful, this race requires at least five teams running at the same time.  This is to ensure that teams get confused by leaders shouting simultaneous and probably confusing instructions.  Chaos will reign, but the race will be exciting for all!

For even greater chaos, let the team leaders be blindfolded and be guided by all their team members shouting simultaneously!

Running the Race:

If you have sufficient teams, then repeat the race until all teams have had a chance.  And then run heats to determine the overall winner.  Award prizes as deserved including a consolation prize for the "Slow Coaches" or the "Most Fumbling" team.  Have lots of fun!

God bless.


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