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Drip-Drop Competition


A goofy and wet ice-breaker and team building relay for a hot day in summer!

Materials Needed:

A black marker pen.
Two long ropes for the start and finish lines.
For each team:
   An empty 500ml plastic cold-drink bottle.
   A bowl (any size) of water.
For each team member:
   A teaspoon or desert spoon.
   All kids must wear old clothes!


Draw a fill-line 25mm above the base of each bottle.

Age Group:

Grades 3 - 8 (9 to 14 years).


Don't spill a drop!

The Relay Competition:

Divide the children into teams and line them up at a starting point.  Place a bowl of water next to the first person of each team.  One member from each team (the "Drip-Drop") lies down at the finish line and holds a cold-drink bottle upright on their foreheads.  The other team members in turn scoop up a spoonful of water from their bowl, race to the finish line holding their arms parallel to the ground, and then drop their spoonful of water into the bottle from that height!

They then lie down and take the place of the "Drip-Drop" and hold the bottle on their foreheads.  The previous "Drip-Drop" races to the end of their team's line.  The next first-in-line person then scoops up a spoonful of water and runs as before.  The relay continues until the winning team fills their bottle to the pen-mark.

Have fun!


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