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An exciting but "deadly" ice-breaker and team building game.

Materials Needed:

A large grass area.
At least 10 mousetraps (wooden spring type).
The same number of golf tees.
Blindfolds for each team.
Two 15 to 20 meter lengths of rope.
Four tent pegs and a mallet.
Small prizes.

A mouse-trap 'mine'


The two long ropes are laid out 1 metre apart and pegged down parallel to each other.  Golf tees are placed at random places along the rope path to mark the "mine" positions.   The mouse traps are then set and one is placed over each tee to form the minefield.

Age Group:

Grades 3 - 8 (9 to 14 years).


The Game:

For this game you need blindfolds for each member of the team.   Choose teams of 5 to 10 children and then blindfold one team.   Lead this team to the start of the mine-field.  Then brief the teams:

"Today you are all in the army and at midnight you have been ordered to creep through a minefield to reach safety!  There is a marked path through the minefield, but you cannot see it because it is a very dark night.  If anyone strays out of marked path or sets off a mine, they are a casualty and will be removed by the Ambulance Corp.  All teams must keep very quiet or otherwise you may set off a mine.  The first team will start now.   Remember to hold hands and stay together, and go very silently and carefully!

The team must then gingerly make they way through the minefield.   Anyone setting off a trap is "killed".  Kids who stray out of the minefield ropes are also lost.  These children are removed by four helpers who form the Ambulance Corp and will sit out until their team finishes its turn.  The traps are reset and replaced on the golf tee marked positions to prepare the minefield for the next team.


Allow all the teams to attempt the minefield.  The winning team is the one that gets the most people safely through the minefield!   They are congratulated and rewarded with suitable small prizes.

This game is a good talking point of how the devil wants to trip each one of us up and destroy our lives.  Thankfully we have the Bible as our guide and our Saviour Jesus Christ.  He promised to be with us always, and will bring us safely to our eternal home in Heaven.

God bless!


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