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Kids Crafts

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Crafts are fun
God created our beautiful world and made us so that we can enjoy the forms, colour and scents in His creation.  We may not be very artistic or creative, but each of us has some God-given talent that we can use to fashion things from materials at our disposal.

Bible crafts are a natural part of teaching and help amplify and explain Bible principles.  Like other activities, crafts enhance Sunday School lessons and will review and reinforce the Bible learning, and keep the Bible message fresh in a child's thinking.

  1.  God Loves You Card
  2. - Make one for a friend or relative

  3.  Letting My Light Shine!
  4. - A craft to make a paper lantern

  5.  Cardboard Houses
  6. - A little house craft that you can make

  7.  Think and Thanks Card
  8. - A craft to help children learn to pray

  9.  The Littlest Palm
  10. - Make a palm tree and share the story with friends

  11.  Broken Telephone
  12. - To see if you can hear like Samuel

  13.  Post for You!
  14. - And guard what you put in your heart!

  15.  Love Heart
  16. - A craft heart that tells important tales!

  17.  Jesus loves Me - This Much!
  18. - A pop-up card to make for a friend

  19.  Finger Puppets
  20. - Where Samson loses His Hair!

  21.  Cardboard Lighthouse
  22. - A friendly light welcomes you into Christ's family

  23.  In God's Hands
  24. - A plaque to remind us Who we belong to!

  25.  Mother's Day Card
  26. - Make one for your Mom!

  27.  God's Promises
  28. - "God keeps His promises" etched picture

  29.  What's in My Heart Today?
  30. - An outreach card for a friend

  31.  Jesus in My Heart
  32. - "Jesus loves and forgives" card for a friend

  33.  White as Snow
  34. - A plaque showing how Jesus cleanses our sins

  35.  Christian Growth Plaque
  36. - A craft to remind children to grow in Christ

  37.  Ten Keys
  38. - To show how a Christian child should behave

  39.  My Plans
  40. - For each child to use their time, efforts and talents


  41.  Little Fingers Crafts
  42. - Various crafts for younger children

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