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God Loves You Card

I Asked Jesus ...

Today's Craft:

Here's a card that you can make for a friend who is sick, feeling sad, or just someone you care for!

Materials Needed:

Sheets of A4 white paper or thin card.
Printed out copies of the card.
Clear Glue.
Crayons or paints.

Making the Card:

  1. Copy or print the pictures onto A4 sheets of paper (alternately print both pictures 2-sided on thin card ensuring the card folds line up).
  2. Cut out the cards and fold along the mid-lines.
  3. The two sides of the card are glued along the mid-line back-to-back to give the cover and inside pictures.
  4. Then fold the card horizontally to form the finished card.
  5. Open up the card and fold the inside part up horizontally, and then fold down the pop-up part "THIS MUCH!"
  6. The card is then complete (see the above pictures).

Colour in or paint the card to your heart's content using your favourite colours.  Send the finished card to that special friend.

God bless!


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