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Love Heart

Is this your heart?

Today's Craft:

A craft remind you that because you love God, you can say, "I Love Pleasing God" and really mean it!

Materials Needed:

A4 sheets of white and coloured thin card.
For each child:
A copy of the Love Heart pattern below.
Coloured crayons.

Click here for Love Heart Pattern

Making the Love Heart:

Copy the heart patterns onto white card and cut two out, and then fold them down the centre line.  Glue the right fold of the first heart to the left fold of the second heart (see picture).  Cut out a third plain heart and fold down the centre, and then glue the two loose heart flaps to this.  The heart can then be opened either side to read, "I Love .... Pleasing God" or "I love .... Pleasing Myself".  Optionally, the children can colour in or decorate their hearts.


Pleasing Yourself:

Peter was hurt because Jesus asked him the third time, "Do you love Me?"  In John 21:17, Peter answered:

"Lord, You know all things .... You know that I love You."

Did you know that Jesus asks that same question to us today, "Do you love Me?"  There are two answers that we could answer Him.  Well, I don't know what you would answer Jesus, but my heart says, "I Love .... Pleasing God".  But, there is another side to my heart that says, "I Love .... Pleasing Myself".  Wrong answer!!

Pleasing God:

If you love doing only things that make you happy, you can be sure you will soon love everything that's fun in the world, even if it's wrong.  But, Jesus wants us to put God first.  The Bible says that we must seek first the Kingdom of God.  If we do this and mean it with all our hearts, then we will soon answer, "I Love - Pleasing God."  I hope you do!!

Take your hearts home and keep them safe.  Look at them from time to time and ask, "Who did you love today?"

God bless!


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