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Post for You

Our heart postbox!

Today's Craft:

A craft about guarding our hearts from bad thoughts, words and deeds.

Materials Needed:

A4 sheets of coloured thin card.
A4 sheets of plain cardboard.
Craft knife.
For each child:
A copy of the Post Box pattern below.
Five grey envelopes that you should dirty with a little mud.
Five green envelopes - all must fit the slot in the heart.
Pens and koki's.

Click here for Post Box Pattern


Copy the Post Box pattern onto thin card.  Paste this onto a thicker piece of cardboard and cut out the pattern.  Use a craft knife to carefully cut out the slot.  Bend the side flaps to act as a stand.  The children can then decorate the Post Box in any way they wish.

Optionally extend the side pieces and close it with extra pieces of cardboard to form a closed box behind the slot.  Now the heart will be a real Postbox!

Prepare five grey dirty envelopes with "Anger", "Jealousy", "Swearing", "Stealing" and "Lying" written on them respectively.  Prepare a second set on five green envelopes with "Love", "Saved", "Joy", "Trust" and "Kind" written on them respectively.


Guarding Your Heart:

Don't you love to receive post and tear it open to see who its from?  The best thing is when its from your best friend.  The post could contain all sorts of wonderful things!  But, if you had an enemy, he might send you terrible things.  You would then have to set a guard on your postbox to stop him delivering such post.

Do we have an enemy?  Yes, we do and his name is Satan, and he is pleased to try and fill our hearts with as many bad things as he can.  King Solomon seriously warns to "Guard our hearts".

Filling Your Heart:

You can fill your heart with good things or you can fill it with bad things.  I'm going to post a few things in your heart.  I think I'll post "Anger", "Jealousy", "Swearing", "Stealing" and "Lying".  Do you think that will make you good?

No!  God wants us to fill our hearts with good things.  So let's ask Jesus to forgive us for all the bad things we have done and get rid of them.

Now let's post some good things.  What about we are "Saved", we have "Joy", we "Trust" Jesus, we are "Kind" and we "Love" others.  Do you think these will please Jesus?  Of course they will, because Jesus wants to fill our hearts with good things.

Making a Postbox:

Now let's make a heart for each of you to take home so that you will remember today's lesson.

Here's another idea!  What about finding more envelopes at home.  You could write notes about how much you love Jesus, or you could write out special prayers, or promises that God has made in the Bible. Then post them through your postbox and know that God sees them, and make sure His blessings fill your life.

What are you posting in your heart today?  Guard it well!

God bless.


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