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The Littlest Palm

Materials needed to make a palm tree

Today's Craft:

Making a palm tree which grows and shows us that Jesus wants to help us to grow tall and strong as a Christian.

Materials Needed:

For each child:
A4 sheets of green paper.


Cut two sheets of coloured A4 paper longways and glue the pieces together to form a long sheet.  Roll this into a tube about 20 mm in diameter and sellotape the end to complete the tube.  Make 6 to 8 cuts halfway down the tube.  Roll these segments back to make "leaves" and you have a palm tree!


At the right point, the tree is made to "grow" by pulling the leaves out carefully.  The tree can also be used as a Christmas decoration if made from colourful paper.


The Story:

Once upon a time there was a baby Palm Tree (Show the children the little palm tree).  He was growing next to a water pool where there were many tall palms.  One day Little Palm looked around and saw all the other palms were much taller than he was.  This made him very jealous and for days he sulked.

At last he shouted to the tallest palm, "Hey Grandpa," he asked, "Why am I smaller than all the other palms?"  Grandpa answered, "Are you growing next to water?"  Little Palm replied crossly, "Of course I am!  I'm right next to the pool of water."

Grandpa murmured, "That's good.  You seem to be in the sunlight and that should make you grow."  Little Palm shouted, "Well, I'm not growing at all.  Everybody is much taller than I am."

The Problem:

"H'mmm, I think I know what the problem is," rumbled the old Palm, "Yes, that's it!"  Little Palm got mad and yelled, "Well, are you going to tell me or not?"  Grandpa snapped, "You need to change your attitude!"  Little Palm whispered, "I'm sorry.  I'll try to change for the better".

Grandpa Palm looked pleased, "That's good son!  And I know what your problem is, it's your roots!"  Little Palm looked down at where his roots should be.  (Turn the palm upside down to show it has no roots).  "But, I have no roots!"  Grandpa exclaimed, "That's it!  You need to grow some roots and push them down deep into the soil."

Little Palm looked surprised, but began to push and push, and roots formed and went deep into the soil.  Guess what happened?   That's right, he began to grow! (Start pulling up the leaves to make Little Palm grow).

Big and Tall:

Little Palm grew quite a lot and this pleased him so much that he pushed his roots even deeper into the earth, and he grew and grew! (Gradually pull out Little Palm to as long as it will go).

Some time passed and one day a young palm looked up at him and said, "Hey Grandpaps!  How did you get so big and tall?"  Little Palm smiled to himself as he looked over the tops of all the palms and replied, "It's easy young fellow, all you need to do is to push your roots deep into the soil!"

Growing in Jesus:

And children, you need to grow as well.  Jesus lives inside you as your Saviour, and He wants to help you to grow tall and strong.   Others will see how you talk and live as good children and will be drawn to Jesus.  In 2 Peter 3:18, we are told how we should grow:

"But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ."

Jesus wants you to get to know and trust Him more and more each day.   You can do this by reading your Bible and praying to Jesus every day.  And then one day in Heaven, you will hear Jesus say those marvellous words: "Well done you good and faithful servant".

Are you a "Little Palm" that Jesus is pleased with, or do you need to ask Jesus to come into your heart and help you grow?

Making a Palm Tree:

Before you go, I want to help you to make your own Little Palm Tree.   (Show the children how to make a palm tree and make it grow).  I want you to take it home so that you can tell the story to your parents and friends.

God bless!


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