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Cardboard House Craft

Completed House

Today's Craft:

An easy to build cardboard house that children can make and use in a diarama as a prop in a story or lesson.

Materials Needed:

For each child:
A4 sheets of thin card.
Scissors or craft knife.

Click here for the House Plans

Making the House:

  1. Copy of the pattern onto thin card and enlarge if desired.
  2. Cut out around the pattern and down the sides of flaps D against the base of the house.
  3. Cut down the sides of flaps A against the sides of the roof panels.
  4. Using a pointed object, lightly score along the heavy lines of flaps A to E and fold these flaps along the score lines.
  5. Lightly score along the fold lines of the sides, base and roof panels of the house and fold along the score lines.
  6. Glue flap C to side C to form the rectangular shape of the house.
  7. Bend the roof panels towards each and glue flaps A and B inside the panels to form the peaked roof.
  8. Glue flaps D and E to the inside of the bottom of the house to form the base, and the house is complete!


You could use two houses as props in the story of the Houses on the Sand and Rock:

Click here for the "Unseen Storms" story

God bless!


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