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God's Promises

Finished etching

Today's Craft:

Here's an etched picture craft to remind children that God always keeps His Promises.

Materials Needed:

For each child:
A4 sheet of white thin card.
Printed out copy of the picture below.
Tooth pick or 7,5cm nail.
Yellow, orange and black wax crayons.

Click here for Picture Pattern

Making the Etched Picture:

  1. Print out the picture pattern for the children to copy.
  2. With the pencil and ruler, let them draw a picture rectangle approximately 10cm x 15cm on a sheet of white card.
  3. They should then lightly colour in the area with yellow crayon, and then with an orange crayon go over the area again more firmly.
  4. Lastly they must go heavily over the orange with a black crayon.
  5. Using a toothpick or a nail, they should scrape out the motto and the picture design (See below for a simpler Bible outline).
  6. The picture is then trimmed to size and optionally a frame can be added by cutting out the center of a piece of construction paper and gluing it over the completed picture.

A simpler Bible outline



Today we are going to make an etched picture that says, "God keeps His promises."  Our Bibles are full of promises that God has made and that we can claim for ourselves.  Let's look up Numbers 23:19 which tells us:

"God is not a man, that He should lie,
nor a son of man, that He should change his mind.
Does He speak and then not act?
Does He promise and not fulfill?"

Abraham was faithful to God and sought to please Him in all he did.   As a result God made a promise to him which is recorded in Hebrews 6:13-15:

"I will surely bless you, and I will surely multiply you."

And having waited patiently, Abraham obtained that promise.  We also need to love and serve God with all our hearts and minds.  And then we can be sure that God will fulfil His promises in our lives!

God bless.


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