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Finger Puppets

I lost my hair!!

Today's Craft:

Here's some easy-to-make finger puppets to tell for example the story of Samson and Delilah and where poor Samson will lose his hair!   Different puppet characters can easily be made in the same way for other stories.

Materials Needed:

Sheets of A4 thin card.
A packet of cotton wool.
Short lengths of 20mm diameter wood dowel.
Scissors and craft knife.
Marking pens and crayons.


Making the Puppets:

Cut the card into 150mm by 80mm strips and then roll them around the dowel sticks.  Sellotape the ends to form tubes.  The children can then draw faces with marker pens on one end of the tubes to make Samson and Delilah.  Hair is made by taking a wad of cotton wool and pressing part of it into the tube  In the case of Samson, make sure the tube is half-full of cotton wool, as this will be needed later in the story.

The children can "dress" the puppets with clothes cut from thin card which is then glued onto the tubes (see pictures).   They can use crayons to decorate their puppets.  Let them also make Philistine and other character puppets.

When completed, they can act out the the story using a puppet on their finger.  At the right time Samson is given a hair-cut by cutting off his hair with scissors!  And then at the right point, his hair can be made to "grow" again by pushing up more cotton wool through the tube!

God bless.


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