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Faith to Sink or Float?

Faith and Doubt

Today's Activity:

A quiz and experiment to test the children's faith.

Materials Needed:

A hard-boiled egg.
A fine-pointed permanent marker.
Two clear glasses.
A water jug.
A tablespoon.
For each child:
Five A6 sheets of plain paper.
A Koki or pencil.


Hard boil an egg and when cool draw a happy face on it with the permanent pen.  Label the two glasses "FAITH" and DOUBT" respectively.   Then half fill both glasses with water and dissolve three tablespoons of salt in the "Faith" glass.  A hard-boiled egg will float in this glass, but will sink in the "Doubt" glass that just contains pure water!


The Quizz:

Today we are going to have a quizz about your faith.  Please hand out a Koki and five sheets of paper to each person.  I'm going to ask you a question and I want you to write a large "F" for if you think you have enough faith, or a big "D" if you doubt you could trust God.  We will then collect the papers each time before I ask the next question.

The first question is:

  1. There's a big test at school tomorrow.  Would you have enough faith in God to help you remember what you studied?
  2. One of the children at school got you into trouble.  Would you have enough faith to trust God to help you to forgive him?
  3. Your brother is very sick.  Would you have enough faith in God to heal him even if there is no answer to your prayer right away?
  4. Your father's car has broken down.  Would you have enough faith in God to supply a new car even though your parents have little money?
  5. If Jesus called you like Peter.  Would you have enough faith in Jesus to walk to Him on the water?

The Results:

After each question, ask someone add up all the "F's" and "D's" and write the score on a board under the headings: "FAITH" and "DOUBT".  At the end of the quiz total up the scores and tell the class whether they have more faith in trusting God, or more doubt.


Take the egg and depending on the score above, put it carefully either in the "Faith" glass or in "Doubt" glass.

If they had more faith, the egg will float showing that the class trusted God to help them and answer their prayers.  If they had more "Doubt" then the egg will sink showing that they did not trust God to help them and answer their prayers.

This reminds us of Peter who walked on the water toward Jesus, but became afraid and began to sink when the waves buffeted him.  The above illustration will open the children's eyes to that they can trust God all the time, and every time, for He will never let us down!

God bless.


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