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My Problem Prayer Card:

Dear God please answer my prayer

Today's Activity:

An easy-to-make card for a child's need or problem, and where they can write down their prayer for God to supply and meet that need.

Materials Needed:

Sheets of A4 thin card.
My Problem Card pattern (see below).
Paints or coloured crayons.

Making the Prayer Card:

  1. Copy the pattern onto a sheet of A4 thin card.
  2. Cut out the card and fold along the center line.
  3. Let each child write out a problem or need that they face.
  4. Then they should write out a prayer for God to meet that need.
  5. They can colour in and decorate the card as they wish.


The disciples were amazed when Jesus calmed the storm.  They wondered how He could be obeyed by the wind and sea.  Yes, Jesus had the power to calm the wind and sea, and He helped His disciples when they were afraid.

Perhaps you have a need or a problem that is worrying you as you cannot do anything about it.  I want you to write it on your card.  In Psalm 91:15, God promises that He will answer our prayers and find a solution to our problems:

"He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him.
I will be with him in trouble and will deliver him."

Now, I want you to write a prayer for God to meet your need or provide a way to solve your problem.  Let's pray over all the cards and then you can take them home.  You should keep the card somewhere where you can see it, so it will remind you to pray the prayer every day until God answers in His own special way.

In a month's time, ask volunteers to testify as to how God answered their prayer, and met their need or solved their problem.

God bless!


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