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Pepper makes me sneeze!

Today's Activity:

Pepper is sprinkled onto water in a bowl and represents the dangers we can face.  When touched by dishwashing liquid representing God's power, the pepper is swept aside showing that we are safe because God protects us!

Materials Needed:

A small bowl filled with water.
Some finely ground black pepper.
A film canister filled with dishwashing liquid.
A toothpick.


We live in an Evil World:

We can always trust God to protect us, even when circumstances seem hopeless.  This bowl represents the world we live in and the water represents each one of us.  I'm going to take some pepper and sprinkle it onto the water to represent the evil and danger we can face.

See how the danger (pepper) covers the entire surface of the water, right on top of God's people.  How can we remove this danger?  This may seem impossible to us, but David assures us in Psalm 91:9-11 that:

"If you make the Most High your dwelling, even the Lord,
Who is your refuge, then no harm will befall you.
No disaster will come near your home.
For He will command His angels concerning you
to guard you in all your ways."

God's Protection:

I'll take this toothpick to represent an angel, and pick up a tiny amount of this dishwashing liquid from this film canister.  The dishwashing liquid represents God's great power.  Now I'm going to touch the surface of the water with the toothpick to show how God's power and protection comes into our lives the moment we need it.

Come and stand close and watch what happens.  Look, the pepper has been swept aside and we are now safe!  God has protected us from the danger and evil.  Praise God!  He cares for us, because He loves us as the apples of His eye.

Facing Dangers:

Sometimes we face real danger to our health and bodies.  We also face dangers from the devil's temptations and from friends who can lead us astray.  But, if we love God, He is always there for us and will keep us safe no matter what we face.  All God needs to do is to speak to His angels and His power will keep us safe.

You need to pray to God every day and ask Him to guide and protect you as you go to school and come home.  And to protect you where ever you go and what ever you do.  And then, don't forget to pray to God to keep you and your family safe at night.

Why not start right now, and each of you can say a short prayer and ask God to protect you throughout today.

God bless!


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