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Can You Hear Me?

What did you say?

Today's Activity:

In the olden days deaf people had a hearing trumpet which they held to their ear in order to hear you.  We are going to make one so that you can hear Jesus clearly!

Materials Needed:

For each child:
A large sheet of coloured poster board (at least 35 cm x 55 cm).

Making the Hearing Trumpet:

Ahead of the lesson, get each child to roll the poster board into a cone, making the top opening about 200 mm in diameter and the bottom end about 2 cm in diameter.  Help them to tape the edge of the cone with sellotape to hold it firmly in place.



It's not just enough to listen.  When the Bible talks about "hearing" it means to listen, understand what was said, and then to do what is required.  If we do this, then Jesus said that we are blessed because we hear God and obey Him.

Extra Large Ears:

Some animals such as rabbits have extra large ears to give them very sensitive hearing.  God didn't give us large ears and so our dog and cat pets hear far better than we can.  Do you have good ears?  Are you sure?

I want you to form pairs and one of you must turn to their partner and ask, "Can you can hear really well?"  Then very softly whisper a few words, such as "God loves you".  Then ask again, "Did you hear me?

Now move about two metres away and whisper even softer something else, such as, "You have a nice smile".  Then ask again, "Did you hear me now?"

A Hearing Aid:

Tell your partner, "You are getting old and feeble!  Ask, "Would you like to hear better?  I have a large hearing aid to help you.  Hold the small end of this cone to your ear.  You now have an 'ear' about the size of a rabbit's ear, so you should hear really well!"

Now say to your partner, "I am going to repeat what I said before."  Repeat the whispered phrase and then move away as you did before and whisper: "Can you hear better now?" Well, I am glad you all can hear better because the cone acts as a hearing aid and amplifies what someone whispers!  Maybe you should wear it to school ... I was only joking!

Bible Hearing:

God wants us to listen not only to our parents and teachers, but also to do what He says and obey Him.  He wants to guide us every day and keep us from doing wrong things.  We will hear God's voice because Isaiah 30:21 says:

"Whether you turn to the right or to the left,
your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, this is the way - walk in it."

Guided by God:

God wants to guide and protect us every day of our lives.  If we listen and obey by doing what the Bible says, Jesus said we will be blessed because our ears hear what God says (Matthew 13:16).  We can then ask God for all our needs and tell Him how much we love Him.

Do you need a hearing aid?  I hope not!  Why not start listening carefully to God today.  If you do, you will be like Elijah and hear God's "still small voice" talking to you!

God bless!


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