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Huffing and Puffing

Blow harder!

Today's Activity:

This experiment shows kids that they cannot force friends to accept Jesus as Saviour.

Materials Needed:

Two-litre plastic cold-drink bottles.
Sharp pointed scissors.
Small corks.
Small round balloons (about 150 mm blown up diameter).


Use a sharp pointed scissor to make a small round hole low down on the side of a dry 2 litre cold-drink bottle.  Size the hole to suit the small cork.  Lightly press in the cork and ensure that it makes an airtight fit.  (Alternately, cover the hole with a small piece of clear adhesive tape).

Blow up the balloon and let the air out, then slip then end over the neck of the bottle, and then push the body of the balloon into the bottle opening.  You will then be able to blow into the neck of the balloon.

The Effect:

A bottle is shown with the balloon inside it, but hiding the cork from the view of the audience.  Several children try to blow the balloon up, but they cannot, showing that they cannot force friends accept Jesus as their Saviour.  They have to decide to do this themselves.

However, if they make a decision to accept Jesus, the cork is removed, and they will be able to blow up the balloon inside the bottle!


Mary, Quite Contrary:

I have a cold-drink bottle with a balloon in it (Show the bottle with the balloon inside it, but keep the cork facing you so the audience cannot see it).  This bottle is like a girl named Mary who had never heard about Jesus.  She was disobedient and cheeky.  One day someone invited her to Sunday School, but Mary was very rude and noisy in class.  And so the teacher decided she needed Jesus in her heart.  "Sit down here," she ordered, "And listen real good to what I have to say.   You need Jesus in your heart and I'm going to get Him in there!"

The teacher then told Mary all about Jesus, but Mary found it too much to take in and understand.  Finally the teacher said, "Let's ask Jesus to come into your heart."  So the teacher prayed and Mary repeated it after her.  But, Mary kept her fingers crossed, because she didn't mean a single word!

Putting Jesus in Mary's Heart:

We want to help that teacher put Jesus in Mary's life.  This balloon represents Jesus, so I want a boy to blow up the balloon inside the bottle and get Jesus right inside Mary's heart.  Now you must blow hard! (Let the child blow into the mouth of the balloon, but of course the air pressure in the bottle will prevent him from blowing up the balloon).

Your lungs are not tough enough, so huff and puff for all you're worth!   You cannot do it!  Something is wrong!  Oh dear, you can't force Jesus into Mary's life.  Let's try a girl. (Let a girl ry to blow up the balloon in the same way).

By the way, did Mary say sorry for all the wrong things and sins she had done?  No, she didn't, and she didn't mean the prayer that she said.   She is still full of sin inside and that's the trouble!  Jesus cannot come into a life where there is sin!

No wonder you couldn't blow up the balloon.  You first have to ask Jesus to forgive all the sins you have done and to make your heart clean.   Only then you can ask Him to come into your heart.

Mary Finds Jesus:

I see there is a cork in the side of the bottle  Now, that's been keeping all Mary's sin inside.  No wonder Jesus couldn't get into her heart.  Let's take the cork out and try again (Take the cork out ).

This time let's get Mary to pray again: "Dear, Jesus, please clean all the sin out of my life and come and live in my heart."  And this time she really meant it!

I want you to try and blow up the balloon again (Let the girl blow again and this time the balloon will blow up as the air pressure in the bottle will escape through the cork hole).  There, She's done it!   The sin is out of Mary's life and Jesus has been able to get into Mary's life and now He is her Saviour.  In fact Jesus filled Mary's life and He changed her into a child of God.

Praying for Friends:

Perhaps some of your friends are like Mary, and you have tried to get them to be Christians.  But, they don't want to listen and change.  I want you to do this experiment so that it can remind you of Mary.  We need to pray for our friends, and allow the Holy Spirit to draw them to the place where they believe, and want to ask Jesus to come into their lives.

Encourage the children to make their own balloon in a bottle experiment and share it with friends and people they meet.  They could use the story about Mary or make up one of their own.

God bless!


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