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That I Might See Jesus!

What piece shall we give to Jesus?

Today's Activity:

Jesus wants all of your heart, not just a part, and only this will satisfy Him.

Materials Needed:

For each child:
Three large paper hearts.

The Effect:

Pieces of a heart are cut off to illustrate our reluctance to give all our heart and life to Jesus.  Each time a piece of heart is offered to Jesus, we hope that He will be satisfied with just that!


Seeing Jesus:

When Jesus was preaching one day, some Greek men came to Philip and said, "Sir, we would like to see Jesus" (John 12:20-21).  How fortunate those Greeks were to see Jesus!  We haven't seen Jesus, but I want to go to Heaven and the first thing I would like to do is to see Jesus' face.   I would like to look into His eyes and see all the love that He has for me.


But, first let me tell you a story.  There was a kingdom called "Kingsway" where a wise and good king ruled.  All the people loved the king and served him with all their hearts.  Unfortunately a bad king came to Kingsway and fought against the good king and overcame him.  The evil king then set up his own kingdom called "Myway".

He sent his soldiers throughout the land to gather all the people together.  They were forced to be slaves and pay all they had in taxes.   Many were the days when the people longed for the good king and his kingdom of Kingsway.

But it was too late, and the evil king enslaved them more and more, and bound many with chains.  This is just what the devil wants to do with our hearts!

How Much?

I have this heart here (Show the first heart).  Let's cut off a piece and give that to Jesus (Fold the heart and cut out a square from the middle).  There, I think Jesus will be satisfied with this square I have cut from the middle.  After all that's the best piece isn't it?  You think that Jesus needs more? (Let the children respond).

Well, I can't give up my favourite TV programme, even if it's showing when I should be in Children's Church.  But, I think I could give Jesus another slice or two (Cut off two more slices).  There, that's more than enough.  The rest is mine!  I'm sorry Jesus, I can't give you any more (Show what's left of the heart).

Oh dear, I seem to have no time for Jesus and there are things that I don't want to give Him.  What a pity, Jesus will only get odd bits of my heart!

All of Me:

Wow!  I have been living in "Myway" kingdom.  I cannot stay there!  I want to please Jesus and go to Heaven.  I know He is not satisfied with what I'm prepared to give Him.  Jesus wants all of my heart, not just part.  Proverbs 23:26 says:

"My son, (daughter) give Me your heart!"

I have decided!  I will not live in "Myway" kingdom anymore.  I'm going to give Jesus all my heart so that I can live in His Kingdom (Display an uncut heart).  And I will serve Him with all my might and go my King's Way (Bow your head and pray).  That feels better!  Now My heart belongs to Jesus and I am totally His.  But, what about you and your friends?

Sharing with Others:

I want you to take a heart and tell the story to someone next to you.   Good, now I want you to take the last heart home and tell the story to someone who hasn't given their hearts to Jesus.  Who knows, perhaps they will and one day be able to see Jesus face to face!

Before you go, let's pray to Jesus and ask Him to show you someone who needs to see and hear our story.

God bless!


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