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Steps to Jesus Card

Steps to Jesus

Today's Activity:

An easy-to-make card to help children find ways to help a friend come to know Jesus as Best Friend and Saviour.

Materials Needed:

Sheets of A4 thin card.
For each child:
Steps to Jesus Card pattern (see below).
Coloured crayons or water paints.

Making the Steps to Jesus Card:

  1. Copy the pattern onto sheets of A4 thin card.
  2. Each child must then cut out the card, and optionally remove the boy and/or girl figures.
  3. Help them find creative ways to approach and tell friends about Jesus
  4. Write out these steps that will help their friend.
  5. Let them colour in and decorate the card as they please.


Jesus wants us to tell our friends that He loves them very dearly.   Besides telling a friend, we need to pray for them.  Friends need to understand who Jesus is, and why He should be their Best Friend, Saviour and Lord.

They also need to know that they are sinners, and that Jesus died for them, and took their punishment on the cross.  Jesus loves them and will gladly forgive their sins and cleanse them with His precious blood.   They then need to ask Jesus to come and live in their hearts and they will become one of God's children.  They will then have eternal life in Heaven when they die.

Divide the children into groups of three and let them discuss and then decide on the steps their friend(s) will need to follow to come to know and love Jesus.  Then let them write these steps on their card.

After the children have completed their cards, encourage them to use the steps on their card to approach and tell the friend about Jesus.   They need to realise that God has to work in people's hearts.  This takes time and so they will need to keep praying for the friend and not give up.  In God's time, the friend will come to the place where they will have the opportunity to accept Jesus as Saviour.

God bless!


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