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Bible Dictionary

Our Bible Word Dictionary

Today's Activity:

To firstly make a children's Bible dictionary, and then search the lesson each week for unfamiliar words and add them to the growing dictionary, together with a picture to illustrate the meaning.

Materials Needed:

A5 loose leaf file.
Plastic A to Z index.
A5 Sheets of paper pre-punched to suit the file.
Pens and pencils.
Paints and/or coloured crayons.

Making the Dictionary:

Prepare a suitable loose-leaf file and add a plastic A to Z index.   Cover the file with plain wrapping paper and glue on a fancy "Bible Dictionary" label.  Let the children draw or find pictures to decorate the cover.  Each unfamiliar word is written up on separate pages and added week by week to the dictionary.

After each Bible lesson during the year, have the children make a page for every unfamiliar word that comes up in the lesson.  They can write the word as a heading at the top of the page, and then add the meaning or definition underneath.  They can then illustrate the word or otherwise decorate the page and then store the page in the relevant position in the dictionary file.



Besides unfamiliar words in the Bible, Christians have their own buzz-words which people in the world and most children do not understand.  The key to learning is:

  1.  Understand the material or the word.
  2.  Memorise the material or definition of the word.
  3.  Reproduce the material or definition of the word.

As the children write out the word, its definition, and illustrate it, they will soon understand it and it will stick in their memory.  Making the dictionary will absorb their attention and interest, and soon they will take great pride in adding to it!

God bless.


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