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Handy Words of Life

How to know God's Word

Today's Activity:

Today we are going to make a bookmark hand to help you learn to know the Bible and to understand, memorise and obey God's Word and commands.

Materials Needed:

For each child:
A4 sheet of thin coloured cardboard.
Koki pens or crayons.

Making the Hand:

The children should place their hand on the cardboard and then lightly trace around their fingers.  Next, cut out the hand (for younger children draw a simple outline around their hand for them to cut out).

Starting with the thumb, write the words: "Read", "Hear", "Study", "Think About", and "Memorise" on each cardboard finger respectively.

Optionally, to hang up the hand as a mobile, punch a hole in the wrist and tie a length of string or ribbon to it.



How do we know how to please God and treat Him as holy?  To do this, we need to know and obey the Bible, God's Word.  The Bible teaches us all about God and if we obey Him, we will come to know Jesus as our Best Friend, Lord and Saviour, and please God in all we do and say.

Let's think about the hands that you have made:

  1.  The thumb says that we must "Read" the Bible or have someone read it to us.
  2.  The first finger says that we must "Hear" what the Bible says.  Hearing means that we obey what God has said by doing it!
  3.  Our middle finger says that we need to "Study" the Bible so that we can understand it or have someone explain it to us.
  4.  Our ring finger says that we need to "Think" on what we have read or heard, so that we can work out what the passage means to us and what we need to do or change in our lives.
  5.  Lastly, our first finger says that we need to "Memorise" Bible verses so that the Holy Spirit can apply them to our lives and bring them to our attention when we need them in the future.

Using Your Hand:

I hope you will use the cardboard hands that you have made.  Keep it in your Bible as a book mark or hang it up in your bedroom.  Peter said to Jesus, "You have the words of eternal life" (John 6:68), so you can called your hands, "Handy Words of Life".

If you do what your hand says, you will come to love the Bible, and God will bless your life.

God bless!


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