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Kids Activities

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Having Fun

Activities are creative learning tools that will help the teacher consolidate and review the lesson in a way that is attractive to children.  This can be done with interactive competitions, games, memory verses and puzzles etc.  The main goal is to involve children to the maximum so that they learn by doing, rather than just being listeners and spectators.

  1.  Three Trees
  2. - A paper cutting about Jesus and three famous trees in the Bible

  3.  That I Might See Jesus!
  4. - A paper cutting to help children give their hearts to Jesus

  5.  Huffing and Puffing
  6. - An experiment showing kids cannot be forced to accept Jesus

  7.  Can You Hear Me?
  8. - A hearing trumpet you can make

  9.  Swirling Milk
  10. - An experiment showing that we are a beautiful pattern to God

  11.  Protected!
  12. - An experiment showing God is there when we face danger

  13.  Mark Finds Jesus
  14. - An experiment shows how the Holy Spirit fills us with joy

  15.  My Prayer Card
  16. - A prayer card for children to ask for God's help

  17.  Faith to Sink or Float?
  18. - A quiz and an experiment to test the children's faith

  19.  My Rock!
  20. - Jesus is my Rock! paper weight activity

  21.  Handy Words of Life
  22. - An activity to help children know God's Word

  23.  Bible Dictionary
  24. - An ongoing activity to teach children the meaning of Bible Words

  25.  Steps to Jesus
  26. - A card to find ways to help a friend know Jesus

  27.  Bible Bookmark
  28. - A bookmark card to encourage children to read the Bible


  29.  Little One's Activities
  30. - Activities for younger children

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