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Five Minute Lessons

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The Word in my heart

Mini-lessons on the Bible's truths shape children's lives and character, and show how God is intimately involved in every aspect of their lives.


  1.  Keeping Focussed
  2. - On Jesus rather than on your problems

  3.  Building Up!
  4. - And not breaking down!

  5.  Giving My All to God
  6. - And not just a little!

  7.  I Believe (True Faith)
  8. - Can you say this and really mean it?

  9.  Little Sins
  10. - Does God overlook them?

  11.  Imitators
  12. - Not of friends, but of Jesus

  13.  Little Sparrow
  14. - God also watches over you

  15.  What Can I Lay Down?
  16. - We can dedicate our life in serving Jesus

  17.  How can We Love God?
  18. - By giving Him all our respect and reverence

  19.  He Calls and I Answer
  20. - As a disciple we follow and obey Jesus

  21.  What's in a Name?
  22. - Every promise God made will be fulfilled!

  23.  Four-fold Love
  24. - We need to love and honour God in all we do and say

  25.  Can an Imitator be True?
  26. - Imitate and follow Jesus - He's the real deal!


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