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Paper Cuttings

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Paper Cuttings you can do

Paper Cutting and Folding is very effective way of presenting stories and lessons to children.  The illustration unfolds graphically keeping the class in suspense as they try to work out what it is all about.  Older children love to do the folding and cutting themselves and show the paper cutting to their parents and friends while they tell the story or lesson.

  1.  Introduction

  2.  The Fiery Furnace - With Jesus we can stand up for what is right

  3.  A Miracle Lunch - 2 fishes + 5 loaves equals 5000 full tummies

  4.  Gideon's Army - With God, tiny armies win big wars

  5.  Godís Wonderful Gift - What price for Jesus, and your Soul?

  6.  A Most Unusual Tea-Time - Little Lazarus gets long legs

  7.  Jonah and the Fish - Not me, please God

  8.  The Princess and the Baby - A Princess is part of Godís plan

  9.  Ticket to Heaven - Jesus is the only way to Heaven

  10.  The Walls of Jericho - All things are possible with God

  11.  Heart Envelope - Hiding God's Word to obey and please Him

  12.  Two Ways for Lamb - Only by going God's way will we be safe

  13.  Kneeling at the Cross - Jesus wants my heart and all of me!

  14.  That I Might See Jesus! - Helping friends to see Jesus one day

  15.  Three Trees - Jesus and some famous trees in the Bible



  17.  White as Snow - A paper cutting showing how Jesus cleanses our sins


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