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The Princess and the Baby

Princess, baby and palace


We live in dangerous times and need to pray every day and ask God to keep us safe from all harm.  God will protect us, just as He kept Moses safe from Pharaoh's soldiers.

Materials You Need:

Glue stick.
Make copies of the three patterns from the links below:
Figure 1: Moses and the Basket, copy onto thin pink card.
Figure 2: Princess and the Reeds, copy onto buff coloured thin card.
Figure 3: Pharoah's Palace, copy onto blue or brown thin card.


The princess is cut out and shown in the reeds finding baby Moses.   She is then shown in her palace with the baby behind a window.


Exodus 1:1-22 and 2:1-10.



Once upon a time.  Does this sounds like I'm going to tell you a fairy story?  But it's a true story from God's Word.

Once upon a time, there was a lovely princess,
Once upon a time, there was a mommy who was a slave,
Once upon a time, there was a basket that held a baby.

All the people in this story were part of God's great plan.  Do you think God has a plan for your life?  (Let the children respond).   Well, long ago there was this lovely princess who lived in a beautiful palace in Egypt.  (Fold Figure 2 and cut out the Princess and display her).  The Bible does not tell us her name, only that she was Pharaoh's daughter.  The king of Egypt was called Pharaoh and he also lived in the palace.  But, he was a wicked king.  The princess wasn't like her father at all, as she was warm and kind.

Cruel Pharoah:

(Fold Figure 1 and cut out Baby and Basket while you talk).  Pharaoh however, hated God's Israel people and turned them into slaves.  He made their lives as hard as he could by forcing them to work in the fields, making bricks and building cities.  One day the king decided to get rid of all their boy babies.

So he made a rule that all boy babies born to God's people were to be killed.  They were to be thrown in the Nile river and only the baby girls were to be allowed to live.  What would you do if a wicked person wanted to throw your baby brother into a river?  (Let the children respond).  I'm sure this made the Princess very sad.

A Baby in a Basket:

(Show the Baby in Basket and cut out Reeds on Figure 2 and bend them up).  One mother decided that she was going to do everything to save her baby boy.  She made a basket out of reeds and waterproofed it with tar.  She then wrapped up her baby carefully, and put him in the basket and closed the lid.  She carried the basket down to the river and let it float away like a little boat.

(Place the Basket behind Reeds, but do not show the Princess at this stage).  She whispered a prayer as she sadly walked home, "God, please take care of my little baby."  The mother left her daughter by the river to watch the baby.  She trusted that God would take care of her baby and that the basket would not sink and let the baby drown.

Some time later, while the basket was floating down the river, the Princess happened to come down to the river to bathe.  She had all her servants with her as she walked along the river bank.  Just then she saw the basket in the reeds.

Found by the Princess!

(Bend up Princess with the Reeds in front of her and place the Basket in the hollow).  "Look!" she cried, "There's a basket floating in the reeds.  Please bring it to me!"  One of the servants rushed to bring the basket to her.  (Cut off Princess and hold her up, then fold down reeds and show Basket).  When the princess opened the basket and looked into it, she found a baby boy!  He was crying, and the kind princess felt sorry for him.  "This baby must belong to one of the Hebrew's," she said and decided that she wanted to keep the baby.

A New Mother!

(Fold Figure 3 on dotted line and start to cut out the Palace).   Just then a young girl ran up and asked, "Princess, would you like me to find someone to nurse the baby for you?"  "Yes, please," replied the Princess.  She didn't know it, but the girl was the baby's sister and the woman the girl brought was his own mother.  "Take care of this baby boy for me," the princess ordered, "And I will pay you."

So the woman took the baby home and nursed him.  When the child grew older, the mother brought him to the palace where the Princess then adopted him.  She called him Moses, saying, "I drew him out of the water."   (Show the Princess and the baby behind the window of the Palace).


That little baby boy grew up to be Moses, the mighty leader of God's people.  Moses helped them escape from Egypt.  Just by being kind to a little baby, the princess played an important part in God's plan for Israel.  Someday God may use you in a special way, just as He used the kind princess.

God will also keep you and protect you, just as He kept Moses safe from Pharaoh's soldiers, who went from house to house to kill off all the baby boys.  There were many hungry crocodiles in the River Nile, but God kept Moses safe while he was floating in the basket.

We live in dangerous times and we need to pray every day and ask God keep us safe from all harm.  Ask Jesus to send His angels to guard you, especially when you feel afraid.  Ask Jesus to come into your room and be near you.  You will find that the warmth of Jesus' presence will chase away all your fears.

God bless!

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