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The Walls of Jericho

Walls of Jericho


Nothing is impossible or too difficult for God to do.

Materials You Need:

Make copies of the pattern from the link below:


A small hole is cut in a sheet of paper and a child is invited to climb through the hole.  With a few cuts, what seems impossible is easily accomplished showing that all things are possible with God.


Mark 9:23.



(Fold the paper along the dotted line and cut out the rectangle on lines (1) and (2), then open up the sheet to show the small hole).  I need a volunteer.  Do you think it is possible for you to get through the hole in this sheet of paper?  No?  (Fold again and hold up the walls of Jericho with the cut part at the top).

The walls of Jericho seemed impossibly high.  They towered over little Amos as he ran along to keep up with his family.  They had been walking round the city every day for six days andtoday they had walked around Jericho six times.  And now he was tired as they went round the seventh time.  "How will the walls ever come down," he wondered.  Just then the Priests blew their trumpets and Amos' father began to shout with all the other people of Israel.

The Walls Fall:

Amos heard a loud crack and as he gazed up at the huge walls, he saw them start to bulg out and topple.  (Make all the cuts (3) and (4) being careful to stop at the line ends).  The walls fell with a terrible crash!  The soldiers cheered and marched straight into the city.  Amos was amazed at the victory the Lord gave Israel that day.  "But those walls were so high and thick," he said to his father.  "Ah, but they could never stand up to our mighty God," replied Father, "Nothing is too hard or difficult for Him to do!"

All Things are Possible:

If we open the paper, perhaps you will be able to crawl through (Pull carefully to make a large loop and let the child climb through).   You see, with God all things are possible, and you did what you thought was impossible.  In Mark 9:23 Jesus said:

"All things are possible to him who believes."

You may have big problems or have difficult circumstances at school or home.  But nothing is impossible or too difficult for our God to do.   Remember those walls of Jericho and that God loves and cares for His children with an everlasting love.  Speak to God in prayer and tell Him your needs.  And then remember our verse, "All things are possible to him who believes.  Put all your trust in God, He cares.

God bless!

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