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Paper Cuttings

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We need lots of paper today!

Graphic Illustrations:

Paper Cutting and Folding is a very effective way of presenting stories and lessons to children.  Combined with good story telling, your illustration unfolds very graphically, keeping your class in suspense as they try to work out what it is all about.  Like all object lessons, the children will remember what you showed them and this will remind them of the lesson and it's application.

Even if you are all thumbs, you can copy the lessons and practice cutting and folding the figures until you are comfortable with them.  When you present a paper cutting, hold the paper with the blank side facing your audience.  Then cut along the lines facing you as the story proceeds.

Our aim is to give you a tool that will bring great interest and enthusiasm to your class, Sunday School or children's ministry.  This section contains paper cutting lessons for primary school children from grades 1 to 7.  A life application is included with each story to encourage and challenge your children to add good Christian values to their daily lives.

An Outreach Tool:

Older children will love cutting and folding patterns themselves.  While they work, you can review the lesson with them and ask how the things they learned will help them live better lives for God.  Afterwards encourage the children to show it to their parents and friends while they tell the story or lesson that you gave them.

God bless!

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