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We have a wealth of free online resources covering Preschool, Primary and Teens, for Sunday School, Children's Church and Youth teachers and leaders.

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Welcome to Our Resources!

We trust and pray that our resources will bless your ministry and help extend God's Kingdom!


Copying Policy:

You are welcome to print or make copies of any our material for your own use or children's work.  But, you may not print or make copies for Commercial use, Publication or Product for sale.

Privacy Policy:

Sharon Ministries does not send out unwanted mail (spam) and the only information we collect is from a page hit counter that simply tells us how many people visit our site.


What's New?

All Resources are updated regularly, so please call back frequently, and see what's new!


Sharon Children's Ministries exists to be a free world-wide resource to Sunday School, Children's Ministry and Teen teachers, workers, leaders and pastors.  Our articles and content on this Website are provided as free information to stimulate your thoughts and creativity, and to help and bless your ministry.



Please use discretion and judgement in activities you are planning to do.  Use caution and think through all safety issues and be aware of unforeseen hazards and inherent possibility of risk.  Sharon Ministry staff are not responsible or liable for any damages, losses, diseases, or injuries incurred by people using articles from this Website as a resource.

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