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Balloon Twisting

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Shapes you can twist

Balloon twisting and sculpturing is an excellent way of sharing the Gospel with children of all ages.  While you twist a balloon, you have the child's full attention and open ears to plant a seed from the Word!   These easy sculptures each have a life application to encourage and challenge your children to add good Christian values to their daily lives.

  1.  Introduction

  2.  Basic Twists - Instructions for doing all the twists needed for the sculptures

  3.  Hot Dog - Jesus wants to be our Best Friend, Saviour and Lord

  4.  Flying Mouse - Jesus wants us to do good to our enemies and those who hate us

  5.  Tiny the Mouse - By obeying and pleasing God, we show we are truly His children

  6.  Lofty the Giraffe - We are valuable to God as His treasured possessions

  7.  Marmaduke the Cat - God wants us to be happy and contented with the things we have

  8.  Flower Power - Jesus wants us to be kind and caring of others

  9.  From Bats to Swans - God wants all of us not just part, and to be first in our life

  10.  Fishing for Jesus - Jesus wants us to go and tell others about Jesus

  11.  Christian Armour - Belt - We know the truth when we see ourselves as God sees us

  12.  Christian Armour - Helmet - This protects our thoughts from the lies of the devil

  13.  Christian Armour - Sword - Read the Bible so as to be able to say "No" to temptations

  14.  Christian Armour - Shield - Faith keeps us trusting that Jesus can meet our needs

  15.  Christian Armour - Sandals - Be ready to tell your friends that Jesus loves them

  16.  Circles of Love - If we show love, we will soon win people for Christ

  17.  Our Wee Little Man - We need to use, memorise and obey God's Word

  18.  Mouse on a Fish? - A reminder that Jesus loves us very dearly

  19.  Joy of the Lord - Letter "J" - Jesus is the source of all our joy

  20.  Joy of the Lord - Letter "O" - The "O" has no ending, like the love of Jesus for us

  21.  Joy of the Lord - Letter "Y" - Saying "Yes" to Jesus brings great joy to our hearts

  22.  Joy of the Lord - "JOY" - Our letters "J-O-Y" are for "Jesus Loves You!"

  23.  The Word and My Lamp - The Word of God and is a lamp unto our feet


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