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Balloon Twisting

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From Bats to Swans

We must be like a graceful swan


God is not satisfied with second best, as He wants to be first in our life and He wants all of us, not just part.

Materials You Need:

One E260 balloon (any colour).

Making the Sculpture:

  1. Inflate a balloon except for 50mm and tie off.
  2. Twist a 20mm bubble and a large one for a body leaving 200mm for the neck.
  3. Bend the body into a circle and twist-connect the neck and small bubble to make the "bat".
  4. Flatten the circle to find the midpoint, pinch the balloon and then twist-connect this to the neck and small bubble to make the "mosquito".
  5. Tuck the one loop part way through the second loop to make the body and tail.
  6. Fold the nipple end of the neck back along itself and squeeze the bend several times to form the head and beak.
  7. Tuck the small bubble (the egg) underneath and the "Swan" is complete.


Making a swan


God made Adam from the dust of the earth.  He was like this balloon I have here in my hand, all limp as he had a body, but was not yet alive.  God then breathed into Adam and he became a living person.   (blow up the balloon and twist it into the "Bat" stage).

The bat shape

Adam no doubt enjoyed sport just as children do today.  Do you think my balloon looks like a tennis bat?  I donít know if Adam and Eve played tennis like we do (Pretend to play tennis with the bat).  Perhaps they did in the evening after they had fed all the animals.

But Adam let sin into his life, because he disobeyed God.  He ate fruit from the tree of the "Knowledge of Good and Evil" which God had told him not to eat.  As a result sin has also come into each of our lives.  Besides disobeying God and doing wrong things, anything such as music, videos and TV that leave no room for Jesus, will become sin in your life.

The Bible tells us that the wages of sin is death.  Man had put a noose around his neck (Put the ring around your neck and hold the end above your head ).  This death is eternal separation from God.   Today man tries to get to God by rockets and space travel.  And science says there is no God.  They try to prolong life by replacing hearts and other body parts.  (Twist the balloon to the "Mosquito" stage).

The mosquito shape

Like a mosquito we can buzz around with our modern technology marvels saying, "We don't need God!"  But, this will not help us, because in John 14:6 Jesus said:

"I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.
No one comes to the Father, except through Me."

If you could make your life longer, it will not help you.  God even said that if we make our nest in the stars, by getting on a space shuttle and travelling into space, He will bring us back again (Obadiah 4).  You cannot escape God, and you cannot escape His judgement and the penalty for sin.  (Finish the Swan).

The finished swan

God wants to change our lives and make us beautiful like this swan.  A swan produces eggs and when they hatch, brand-new baby swans emerge.   This is how God wants us to be reborn in Jesus Christ and made perfect by trusting in Him.  My swan has an egg with a brand new baby swan in it (Twist the egg several times and pull out the "egg" from underneath the swan and break it off).

God is not satisfied with second best.  If sport, TV, videos, music or even your friends are first in your life, then you are making God second.  God wants to be first in your life and He wants all of you, not just part of you.  He wants you just as you are, no matter how bad you have been.  Will you let Jesus come into your life, change you inside, make you into a brand new child of God, and give you eternal life?

What shape are you?  A "Bat" to play with, or a "Mosquito" just buzzing around, or a beautiful "Swan" which God has made?  I hope you will give Jesus all of your life and accept Him as your Saviour and Friend today.

God bless!

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