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Balloon Twisting

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Flower Power

Almost good enough to put in a vase


Jesus wants us to be like fragrant and beautiful flowers by being kind and caring for others, so that they can see the love of Jesus in us.

Materials You Need:

Two E260 balloons (any colour).

Making the Sculpture:

    The Tulip

  1. Inflate a balloon only 50mm and tie off.
  2. To make the flower, push the knot into the balloon and capture it and then carefully pull out your finger.
  3. Apple-twist the bubble to lock in the knot.
  4. The rest of the balloon forms the stem.

    The Flower with Petals

  1. Inflate a second balloon for 150mm and tie off.
  2. Make a 25mm bubble and apple-twist to form a tulip.
  3. Make two 20mm bubbles (ensure all bubbles are twisted in the same direction).
  4. Make a further five 25mm bubbles and twist-connect the last one to the second 20mm bubble from step 3.
  5. This makes a ring of five bubbles for the petals.
  6. Tuck the tulip twist through the centre of this ring to complete the flower.


Making the flower


I like a garden that is informal, with masses of flowers and colour everywhere.  Most people love flowers because of their varied colours, shapes and smells.  Flowers attract insects and they in turn attract the birds which sing to you each morning.

The Bible says in Song of Solomon 2:1, that Jesus is the "Rose of Sharon, the lily of the valley".  Like flowers, Jesus has a beauty that attracts people.  Jesus also has a tremendous love for children and we are drawn to Him because of His warmth, kindness and care that He shows to each one of us.  Jesus never fades and dries up like flowers do.

Often we don't feel that we are Christians.  But, then the fragrance from the roses fills our nostrils.  Even though it feels as if we are in the dark, we still know that the roses are there and that they are blooming in full flower and fragrance.  They remind us that we can come into the presence of Jesus.  Psalm 16:11 says:

"In Your presence is fulness of joy.
At Your right hand there are pleasures for evermore."

Jesus wants us to be like flowers by being kind and caring for others.  This is like the beauty of the petals and the fragrance of the flower.  People will then see the love of Jesus in us, and come to realise that they also need to experience His love and Salvation.

Do you have "Flower Power" and have the sweet fragrance of Jesus?

God bless!

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