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Joy of the LOrd


Practice making the three letters of "JOY" and have an extra three E260 balloons at hand for this lesson.



I'm going to make some letters today with balloons.  I want to find out if you have been paying attention at school and learning the three-R's.  This stands for 'Riting, 'Reading and 'Rithmetic.  I think that I'm going to give you a test today, do you think you will pass?  Well, we will see!

"J" is for Jesus:

Can I please have three children to help me.  Thank you.  What do you think that I'm making? (Make the letter "J").  You think that it's the letter "J"?  You might be right, but I'm going to hold it like this.  (Hold the "J" upside down as an umbrella).  What do you think it is now?  Yes, it's an umbrella that we can shelter beneath.

When you are in trouble at school or at home, you must say, "Sorry" if you have done something wrong.  But, if it is not your fault, then you can go to Jesus in prayer and ask Him to help you.  In Psalm 61:2-4, David said:

"I call to You, because I long to take refuge in the shelter of your wings."

If we turn it the right side up, now we have "J" for "Jesus", the Author and Finisher of our faith and source of all our Joy.  It is the work of Jesus to protect us from the devil and bring us safely to Heaven one day.  My volunteer, will you be so kind as to take your "J" and stand over there on my left.  Thank you!

"O" is for Love:

Now I am going to make another shape.  (Make the letter "O").   What do you think this one is?  Yes, it's an "O", which has no beginning and no ending.  This is like the love of Jesus for each one of us.   He has an everlasting love that is bigger than what we can stretch or jump into the air.  Show me how big and wide you think the love of Jesus is.   That big?  No, much bigger and much wider!  In fact His love is bigger than we can ever imagine!

But I want to change it.  (Change the "O" into a "Heart" shape).   Now what do I have?  Yes, I have made the "O" into a "Heart".  I need this to show Jesus how much I love Him.  Let's say together, "Thank You, Jesus for loving me, and I love You with all my heart!"  Please take the "Heart" and stand on the left of the "J".  Thank you.

"Y" is for You:

Well I think you are doing very well with my test today.  What do you think I am making now?  (Make the letter "Y").  I don't know "Y" Jesus loves me, but He does.  The letter "Y" reminds me of how willingly Jesus held out His arms, and took my punishment on the cross, and paid for my sins.  Please take the "Y" and stand on the left of the "Heart".   Thank you.

JOY of the Lord:

What have we spelt?  Yes, we have spelt the word "JOY".  The letters "J-O-Y" teach us that:

J is for coming to God, and taking shelter under His wings.

O is for knowing Jesus loves me, and loving Jesus with all my heart.

Y is for "The joy of the Lord is which is our strength" (Nehemiah 8:10).

Say with me: "J" is for "Jesus", and "O" is for "Love", and "Y" is for "You".  And what does that spell now?  Yes, I know that it still spells "JOY".  But, the letters "J-O-Y" are for "Jesus Loves You!"

If you need some joy, why not ask Jesus to come into your heart?  He is our "JOY" of the Lord!

God bless.

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