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Balloon Twisting

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The "Y" in Joy of the Lord

Y in Joy


Three balloons are formed into letters which spell the word "JOY".   The letter "Y" is remind us that we cannot understand why Jesus loves us and willingly took our punishment on the cross.

Materials You Need:

One E260 balloon (any colour).

Making the Sculpture:

  1. Inflate a balloon except for a small piece, burp well and tie the ends together.
  2. Fold the circle in half to find the mid-point.
  3. Fold again about 1/2 of the length and hold all four tubes in one hand.
  4. Twist the four layers about 30mm behind the centre fold.
  5. This will give you two arms shaped in a Vee with a small lock bubble connected to the vertical arm of the "Y".
  6. Arrange the ends of the "Y" and tuck the small bubble into the lower arm at the back.
  7. The letter "Y" is now complete.

Making the


Letters are funny shapes when you really think about it.  Let's make a "Y" as it is the last letter in "JOY".  What else can we do with a "Y" letter?

I don't know "Y" Jesus loves me, but He does.  The letter "Y" reminds me of how Jesus held out His arms, to willingly take my punishment on the cross.  And lastly, "Y" is for saying "Yes" to Jesus and accepting Him as Saviour, Best Friend and Lord, and this brings great joy to our hearts!

God bless.

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