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Mouse on a Fish?

Mouse on a Fish


Our "Mouse" is placed on the "Fish" sign to remind us that Jesus loves us very much.

Materials You Need:

Three E260 balloons (any colour).

Making the Sculpture:

  1. Inflate a balloon for only 400mm, burp and tie it off.
  2. Twist off a 40mm bubble and then two more 30mm bubbles and twist-connect these to make the ears.
  3. Twist off a 25mm bubble and then two more 50mm bubbles and twist-connect these to make the front paws.
  4. Make a 40mm bubble at the tail end and then twist-connect this to the neck to make a loop to attach the Mouse to the Fish.
  5. Draw eyes and a mouth with a black pen and the Mouse is complete.
  6. Blow up a second balloon fully, burp well and tie off.
  7. Fold the balloon in half and pinch and rotate one tube several times to make the front end of the Fish.
  8. Slide the Mouse onto one tube and then grasp both tubes about 1/3 back from the knot end and twist to finish the fish shape.

Making Mouse on a Fish


Today I'm going to make a "Fish" sign (Make the fish). Christians in the early Church faced great persecution and some were put to death.  They used the "Fish" sign as a secret way of knowing who was a Christian.  It comforted and reminded them of the love of God which had drawn them to Jesus.  This gave them courage to face the persecutions.

I'm going make a "Mouse" (Make a mouse).  He's cute isn't he?  Just like each one of you children!  I'm going to put my mouse onto the "Fish" sign (Make a second fish and slide the mouse onto one side tube of the fish before you finish it).  It's to remind us that Jesus loves each one of us very dearly.  In Jeremiah 31:3, God said:

"I have loved you with an everlasting love.
I have drawn you with loving-kindness."

Do you like my mouse?  Unlike wild mice, pet mice rely on you completely for food, water and care.  Many years ago I kept white mice as pets in a shed in our backyard.  One day I forgot to feed them.  Several days later I was horrified to find several dead.  I could have kicked myself for forgetting all about them!   Imagine if God forgot all about us!  The world would dry up and spin off into the sun!  What about us?  We would shrivel up and be burnt to ashes!

I'm so glad that God is not forgetful.  He keeps the world in place and makes sure we get sunshine, rain and crops to feed us.  No wonder He said that He loves us with an everlasting love.  He also said that He draws us to Himself with His loving-kindness.  I'm so glad that God loves us so much!  He sent Jesus to die for us so that we can go to Heaven and be with Him forever.

He's busy making a heavenly city called the "New Jerusalem" for us.   It's like a huge cube or pyramid 2400 kilometres high, 2400 kilometers wide and 2400 kilometers long!  It's big enough for everybody who has ever accepted Jesus as Saviour, and it's big for all of us!  God He wants us to live with Him forever, and so He's making a special place for each of us.

Remember my Mouse clinging to the Fish sign.  Let's do the same and cling tightly to Jesus, so that He can fill you with His love.  He's waiting for you to ask.  Why not ask Him right now?

God bless!

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