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Circles of Love Sculpture

Circles of Love


If we show love, we will win people for Christ, and they in turn can win others.  If we all keep going, we will soon win the world for Jesus!

Materials You Need:

One E260 balloon (any colour).

Making the Sculpture:

  1. Blow up a balloon except for 50mm, burp well to soften the balloon and tie off.
  2. Tie the ends together to make the first "Circle of Love."
  3. Flatten the circle with the knot in the middle.
  4. Hold both tubes in the centre and twist to make two "Circles of Love".
  5. Fold both circles together and then flatten both circles towards the knot side.
  6. Hold all four tubes in the centre and carefully twist them together to make four circles.
  7. Arrange the circles to complete the four "Circles of Love".



Making Circles of Love


I am going to make a ring from this balloon, which I am going to call a "Circle of Love" (Make a circle from the balloon).  This is like a wedding ring which your mother, and perhaps your father, wear to to show that they are married.  Wedding rings have no end, and show that the love of the two people should last forever.

The Ring

I want a boy and a girl who are friends to come and help me.  I am going to put my "Circle of Love" around their necks (Place it around both their necks).  Perhaps you will say, "With this ring I do marry thee...."  No?  Oh, well perhaps one day you will find someone you want to love and want to marry.  But, not today?

Seriously though, Jesus loves us with an everlasting love, but John 1:11 tells us that He came to His own, but they would not receive and accept Him.  What a tragedy that they rejected Jesus.  But praise God, verse 12 goes on to say:

"Yet to all who received Him, to those who believed in His Name,
He gave the right to become children of God."

And so this "Circle of Love" is like Jesus' love for me, so I am going to put it around my neck (Put the circle around your neck).  Now I am sure that Jesus loves me.  And He loves you too, so I can put the circle around your necks as well.  If we love each other, then other people will know that we belong to Jesus.

(Make a two "Circles of Love" while you talk).  If one of you shows the love of Jesus and tells other people about Jesus, one of them may want to know more about Jesus, and ask Him to come into their hearts.  You will have won someone for Jesus.  What will happen to our "Circle of Love"?  Yes, it will become two "Circles of Love"!

Two Circles of Love

(Make a four "Circles of Love" while you talk).  Jesus said that we should go into all the world and tell every person that He wants to save them (Mark 16:15).  How can we do this?  After all, your Mom and Dad won't allow you to pack your bags and fly off to China, will they?  So who does Jesus want us to tell the Gospel to?

He wants you to tell your parents, brothers and sisters, and then your aunts and uncles, and your grandparents.  After that there are your friends and the children at school and your teachers.  There are lots of people that you can tell.  If both of us continue to show love and to tell others about Jesus, what will happen now?  You are right!   We will now have four "Circles of Love".

Four Circles of Love

If we show love to each other, to our parents, brothers and sisters, and friends, then all these people will know that we love Jesus.  If we keep on doing this, then soon many people will know about Jesus!   And then we will have to make a whole bunch of "Circles of Love".

God bless!

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