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Helmet of Salvation

Protecting my head


The Helmet of Salvation protects our thoughts from the lies the devil tries to whisper in our ears.

Materials You Need:

One E260 balloon (any colour).

Making the Sculpture:

  1. Inflate the balloon except for 50mm, burp and tie it off.
  2. Twist off a 50mm bubble and then make a bubble big enough to go round the child's head.
  3. Twist-connect these bubbles to form the helmet band.
  4. Fold the ring in two and twist one arm around itself to make a connection point.
  5. Fold a loop over the ring and twist off a bubble where it meets the ring, then twist-connect the loop to the ring.
  6. Fold the remaining balloon in half, make a small bubble at the end and twist-connect this to the ring to complete the Helmet.

Making the Helmet of Salvation


Once we know the truth and realise that we are sinners, we can then accept Jesus as our Saviour and Lord.  Paul told us in Ephesians 6:18a to:

"Take the helmet of Salvation."

We cannot do anything good that would please God, but God wants to give us His gift of eternal life.  This is the Helmet of Salvation.   Jesus came to die for sinners and take their punishment for their sins.  He rose again, showing that He is God and now lives in Heaven.   Jesus will wash away our sins and wrong things we have done, and make us clean inside.  If we ask Him into our hearts as our Lord and Saviour, we become one of God's children.

The devil is very clever in twisting what we know is truth and making us doubt and fear.  This makes us lose our faith and trust in God.   One of his favourite tricks is to tell us that we are not saved, or a child of God.  But, after we have asked Jesus to come into our hearts, we need to just believe and trust Jesus.  It's His job to cleanse us, make us brand-new in our hearts, give us eternal life, and to bring us safely to Heaven one day.

To know we are saved does not depend on how we feel inside.  All we need to do is believe that Jesus has come into our hearts.  It is then Jesus' responsibility to save us from our sins and give us eternal life.

I'm going to make a Helmet of Salvation.  I need a volunteer to help me.  (Make the helmet and place it on the child's head ).  You are now wearing the Helmet of Salvation.  It protects your head and you need it to help you stop listening to what the devil whispers in your ear.

And the rest of you?  Are you wearing the Helmet of Salvation?   Perhaps you would like to put one on, by asking Jesus to come into your heart today.  Let's pray ....

God bless!

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