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Balloon Twisting

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Our swan is ready to swim!

Sharing the Gospel:

Balloon sculpturing is an excellent way of sharing the Gospel with children of all ages at Sunday Schools, Children's Churches, hospitals and on outreach drives.  While you twist a balloon, you have the child's full attention and open ears to plant a seed from the Word!

Jesus was an expert teacher and often used object lessons with familiar everyday objects such as birds, flowers and animals.  Object lessons are a powerful means of teaching Bible truths and concepts by creating interest in children.  They will remember how you twisted the balloon and what you made, as well as the underlying message or truth.  The Holy Spirit can then apply these to their lives and bring about the lasting life changes that we so earnestly pray for.

The Sculptures:

We include the step-by-step directions to twist a number of easy sculptures.   To make them, you will need a supply of the common E260 pencil balloons.   Unless you have leather lungs, it's best to use a balloon pump to inflate the balloons that you use.

The lessons are suitable for primary school children from grades 1 to 7.  A life application is included with each sculpture to encourage and challenge your children to add good Christian values to their daily lives.

God bless!

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